How much does this cost?

When you enrol as a member of the Family Resilience Club, you immediately get access to our FREE 30-day Discovering your Child’s Inner Leader Journal.  Once you have made contact with a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach near you, they will invite you to an optional taster workshop before you make a decision to join their monthly Family Resilience Club.  The investment fee for this monthly club will vary by locality to so ask a Kids Life Studio® Coach near you for details.

Why do I need to choose a coach first?

We value real and personal relationships at The Kids Life Studio®. That is why we ask you to choose a coach that lives closest to you or one who resonates with you if there are none close by.  Choosing one of our Kids Life Coaches you think would be the best fit for you is one of the most important step as we would love to learn about your child and help you clarify how we can best support your family. 

What is in the Resilience Building Membership?

By enrolling for an affordable monthly membership with a certified Kids Life Studio® coach, you will get access to some great benefits.  We believe in building a solid foundation for life, for everyday kids facing everyday challenges and membership to a Family Resilience Club near you, will support that. You get access to a monthly Q & A call exclusively for parents and your child also gets access to weekly group coaching. This means that you will have a Kids Life Coach supporting your child to make better choices which means your job becomes easier as a parent! 

How do weekly coaching sessions work for my child?

Once you have chosen your certified Kids Life Studio® Coach, your child will be invited to attend coaching with them once a week at a set time. This will be in a small age appropriate group of no more than 10 children. You don’t need to attend these sessions with your child.  We would like to encourage you to let one of our certified Kids Life Studio® Coaches take care of your child and coach them online with other children while you can focus on other important things in your life too.

What if my child needs 1-2-1 coaching?

You are in great hands – just reach out to a certified Kids Life Studio® coach who will schedule a family consultation with your family and help you with next steps for a tailored- made coaching for your childs needs. You will need to do a mandatory lifestyle assessment that costs $20 and individual coaching is at an additional fee.